Country Garden’s property development goal is to treat environment properly, leverage resources appropriately and create green life space. Through reduction of negative environmental impact by engineering, promotion of green buildings and practice of green offices, we show our environmental responsibility. We also advocate an environment-friendly life to owners and communities through our property management service.  

 Promote green buildings,
 energy conservation and emission reduction

With increasing global warming, it is imperative that we pay more attention to energy conservation and carbon reduction. By designing buildings and their surrounding facilities based on principles of energy conservation and carbon reduction, thousands of households are able to reduce carbon emissions, and this has an overall huge impact. In recent years, the Group’s primary direction has been to make buildings with green and ecological features; and one such major project that everyone knows about, is Forest City, which was formally introduced last year.

Forest City’s water circulation system is a project highlight. Generally, urban water treatment systems are a huge engineering feat, and require complicated pipelines for sewage collection, and a huge sewage treatment plant to treat and recycle water. Country Garden’s Chairman Yeung Kwok Keung proposed a solution that disrupts tradition. Keeping in mind the idea of breaking up the whole into parts, the project uses multiple miniature water treatment equipment and wetland systems for sewage treatment, to ensure nearby emission, nearby treatment and nearby use. This allows for construction of a sewage treatment system that is in sync with project development and construction, ensuring perfect combination between sewage treatment plant and ecological landscape. Regarding urban water supply and drainage system, Country Garden also proposed the idea that Forest City should be equipped with a three-dimensional and smart pipeline system, just like a transportation system. The water supply and drainage system pipelines don’t need to undergo backfilling, and it is also unnecessary to excavate the ground for maintenance. A large number of smart sensors are also installed in the pipelines, to easily monitor them, bringing forth the concept of ecologically smart city.


Build green community

Country Garden Property actively integrates environmental management and awareness into property management culture, and enhances the entire community’s environmental awareness. We bring together relevant government departments and businesses to introduce green supporting equipment, and promote and implement measures for garbage classification and green transportation. At the same time, we also implement several types of green activities in which owners and employees can participate together.

Build green office culture

Country Garden is dedicated to promoting green office culture. In 2014, Country Garden’s headquarters building in Shunde implemented environmental protection and green office as the theme, reflecting investments made by the Group in environmental protection and green culture. Located at Beijiao Section, Bigui Highway, in Shunde, Country Garden’s headquarters building is China’s first ecological office building. The building’s environmental protection and going green design plan was personally confirmed by Chairman Yang Guoqiang. Since he intended to build a truly green and environment-friendly building, the entire building is covered with greenery.

The main tower of the headquarters building has 22 stories; more than 10 balconies have been used to present a form of picturesque disorder, with big trees and wall-climbing plants everywhere. When planning this design, the Group also considered many practical factors such as distribution of tree varieties and wind direction on different floors. For example, short trees were planted in windward locations, thus gradually weakening wind strength during typhoons. The building’s ventilation was also designed in strict accordance with air quality standard PM2.5, and the central ventilation air-conditioning system ensures that every employee in the office building breathes fresh and clean air. Also, as the building is covered with vertical vegetation [If data about other green building material used inside the building are available, please provide them], air temperature inside the building is obviously lower than outdoors, effectively reducing artificial air-conditioning requirement.

The building’s entrance is called “Dream Corridor” and its design was inspired from tropical rain forests. Real and artificial trees come together almost organically, and a small stream flows under the green leaves, with several kinds of river fish swimming in it. Dotted deer, monkeys, birds, squirrels and other animal replicas are also placed all around the grass and trees. By integrating a beautiful landscape and greenery, people yearn to spend more time in such green buildings.

The headquarters building’s design is very successful. Apart from unanimous praise from employees working in the headquarters, it also won “Award for the Best Office Building Model for Human Settlement” granted by Ministry of Science and Technology, in 2014. The Group plans to consider the headquarters building as a blueprint to make other such buildings in other regions, so that more employees can enjoy a green working environment.