On September 9th, 2016, Mo Bin, Country Garden's Group President and President of Volunteer Association, sent a public welfare activity initiative letter to the entire group – “Employees of Country Garden are expected to take some time every year to do something for charity in a way that works out for them. A single person’s strength might seem insignificant; however, we believe that if every Country Garden employee gets involved in public welfare activities in whatever form they can, then their power becomes immeasurable.”

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  • 204


Until the year end, Country Garden volunteers implemented more than 99 activities related to “Country Garden Dream • Make Your Dream Come True to Study in University”, “Country Garden Dream • Charity Action in 100 Cities” (including on two themes – “Take care of the Flowers of Our Motherland” and “Seeking Guohua Students”), and conducted 204 events throughout the year, such as volunteer races, visits to welfare homes, employee blood donation camps, etc.