“Malaysia-China People’s Friendship Photo Exhibition” press conference


Kuala Lumpur, June 6 - The press conference of “Malaysia-China People Friendship Photo Exhibition” has held in Wisma MCA. This activities were hold by Xin Hua News Agency, the biggest media group in China from 12 to 30 June 2012. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the United Youth Movement and Malaysian Association of China Students Alumni (MACSA) and the event is exclusively sponsored by Country Garden Holdings, top 10 developer in China. The press conference has attracted participation of over 20 mainstream media to cover the event.


The press conferences were attended by Mr. Huang Bin-Malaysian Association of China Students Alumni (MACSA), Mr Hu Guang Yao-Xinhua News Agency Kuala Lumpur Bereau, Mr Yuan Jia Sheng-Country Garden Holdings Limited Company and Mr Lin Yong Da-United Youth Movement of Malaysia (GBBM).

During the press conference, the guests and the mainstream media were discussing about the development of the friendly exchanges between Malaysia and China. Mr. Hu Guang Yao president of Xinhua News Agency in Kuala Lumpur Branch said he hope that through this "Malaysia –China People’s Friendship Photo exhibition" allows both countries to further mutual understanding and deepen friendship between both countries.

Mr. Yuan Jiang Sheng, Regional President of the Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. said, as the exclusive sponsor of the event, through this exhibition Country Garden hope to make the bilateral friendly exchange between the people and shoulder more social responsibility. Besides that, through the exhibition Country Garden is able to show to the world about five-star home model.

                                                               Scene of press conference


Country Garden as the exclusive sponsor for of “Malaysia-China People’s Friendship Photo Exhibition” has attracted mainstream medias. The reporter has interviewed Mr. Yuan Jia Sheng, Regional President of Country Garden and explain the reason why is the top 10 property developer in China has chosen Malaysia as the first choice for overseas development.  

“Country Garden has been the steady development of China and we are also hoping to bring another take-off through the development of overseas markets for the company. Investigations and studies have been carried out after a number of countries, considering various factors such as climate, geographical location, environmental resources, cultural. Finally, we found that Malaysian market with huge potential for development of the real estate industry has been chosen as Country garden first stop” said Mr. Yuan, Country Garden, Regional President.  


Scene of hearing questions from reporters


Mr. Yuan Jia Sheng, also said Malaysia serves as the first station of the “Country Garden Global Vision Competition” . The competition is divided into 3 categories; these are photography, short video, and short stories.  The finalists in the "Malaysia-China People’s Friendship Photo Exhibition” will have the opportunity to participate directly in the "Global Country Garden Vision horizon Competition”, the winner will get valuable prizes, and will attend our tour exhibition in our more than 100 projects in China .

Guests of honors exchanges picture photo