Country Garden Lands in Malaysia ,Creating High-quality Landscape


Nowadays, living in the elegant tree-lined community becomes luxurious, and everybody wants the pure urban life without bustle. In order to realize this dream of urban residents, starting from the actual needs of customers, respecting local customs, Country Garden who owns 20 years’ experience of active exploration and development is helping you to realize this dream, and creating the one and only 5-star community in Malaysia.

The landscape of Country Garden Malaysia will be carefully crafted by professional designers. Based on the limited space, designers can create a multi-angle and multi-layered landscape. From planning to landscaping, from the overall design to the details, and from engineering construction to the choices of cconstruction materials, every inch of space will be developed under the most demanding consideration of the top designers and architects. The use of local colorful and diverse Southeast Asia plants and the combining with the Mediterranean royal style landscape contribute to create the distinctive high quality landscape gardening. Furthermore, with the super-wide outdoor swimming pools, Country Garden Malaysia project will gorgeously bloom in Malaysia.

It is understood that in order to create a unique style of landscape, the garden designers of Country Garden will fully respect for the original ecology such as trees, grass and other natural landscape. All these will accomplish the perfect fusion of nature and gardens, and create the most pure natural atmosphere. It is believed that living in Country Garden Malaysia is literally living in the garden everyday!

It is announced that Country Garden will hold two large-scale comprehensive community projects in Rawang and Kajang, located near Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Projects are planned not only to design building for multiple activities in outdoor landscape, but also to arrange a full-featured indoor ancillary facilities. Both are beneficial for owners’ entertaining, enjoying and studying. According to this project, you can enjoy a world-class living experience with these perfect facilities and community yet without going out. Therefore, Malaysia Projects are core top projects held by Country Garden Group in 2012, which will become the masterpiece of Country Garden Word’s Expedition in 20 years.

Country Garden in Malaysia Malaysia's high-quality community


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