Country Garden lands in Malaysia, Continuously to spread idea of happy living



Country Garden in Malaysia participated in the Rawang Chinese School fund-raising activity held by Sin Chew Daily


Bringing “Five-star Home” to Malaysia, Country Garden also spreads idea of happy living and makes positive contributions to society. On April 20, 2012, Malaysia Country Garden participated in the fund-raising activities held by Sin Chew Daily foundation, which is to build Health villages of “Home of Qingping Music”for the elderly in Tumaoyue. Besides, on June 3, Country Garden also participated in the fund-raising activities of Rawang Chinese School held by Sin Chew Daily, actively promoting charity  and contributing strength to local people in Malaysia.

Happy Country Garden: Happy Chinese Model

Country Garden doesn’t only work hard on the construction of the physical environment, but also pay more attention to the social culture environment, this is the penetrated summary of Lixinjia, who is the Vice President of the academy of social sciences in Guangdong Province. According to the research from Guangdong Province City Community construction, Country Garden’s Grail Mode carters to basic elements of Happy Community which is multi-element living, natural environment, and neighborhood exchange, community organizations, public facilities, etc. According to authoritative media’s conclusion, multi-element mutualism of proprietors is the common trait of all big community of Country Garden.

Happy Activity: Humanistic Psychology of Big family

Country Garden gradually holds Large-scale Brand activities of “2011 Happy Country Garden” in about one hundred houses of Country Garden all over China and organizes more than one thousand colorful community culture activities. What is more, in the end of last year, Country Garden holds“Warm-heart Action”and “Home Listening Plan”, further promoting the service intension of “Give you a Five-star home” .Recently, with the“Country Garden’s 20th anniversary thanksgiving and repaying”reoffering rather big promotion policy for the new and old proprietors, our new houses’turnover of all projects all over China soars.

Happy Property: gives you a Five-star home

 “The success essence of Country Garden brand: we do not only strive for the proprietors to build the best house, and the best community , more importantly, to provide proprietors with a five-star hotel-style property services”, according to the person in charge of Country Garden Property Management Company, “Country Garden also actively advocated the proprietors of community cultural organizations, and held in the community and put the cheap manpower and material resources to support the sound development of these societies.

Located in science of interest, continuously spread idea of happiness

The Country Garden brings its best products to Malaysia, and to build two large-scale comprehensive community projects in Rawang (Rawang) and shadow (Kajang), which are close to Kuala Lumpur. Both of the two projects locate in Malaysia’s fast developing zone, and speedily connect to Kuala Lumpur center; what’s more, with its beautiful environment and commercial center around, which fully meet the Country Garden’s site selecting and constructing concept-away from dust but close to town. Meanwhile, its project in Kajang is only 5 km away from the  Nottingham Malaysia Campus , which makes Chinese customers planning studying in Malaysia not only happy to stay at the high-quality communtiy in Malaysia but also allowing their children to easily enjoy world-class elite resources to open a person’s happy life.

Country Garden in Malaysia Malaysia's high-quality community


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