Country Garden Volunteer Association Malaysian Branch was founded and visited the orphanages in Klang


Sep 2nd, Country Garden Volunteer Association Malaysian Branch was formally founded, and visited Orphanages in Klang joint with GBBM. The regional president of Country Garden Properties (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and the chairman of Country Garden volunteer association Malaysia branch, Mr.Kayson Yuan; and the president of Malaysia Youth Council attended this activity, celebrating the Merdeka Raya with nearly 100 orphans from different races.

Love has no Boundaries, ‘Country Garden Volunteer’ sailed in Malaysia

Since last year, Country Garden officially stationed in Malaysia, in addition to committed to the people of Malaysia to build a five-star home outside, we are also determined to adhere to the core value of Country Garden, to be a bright enterprise with conscience and social responsibility, to create a better society with our existence. And with our pleasure we will keep a permanent and friendly relationship with GBBM, making contribution to the charity cause of Malaysia, bring a 5-star living not just to the residents of our township, but also to more and more people in Malaysia. ” said Mr. Kayson Yuan at the opening ceremony. After that, Country Garden and GBBM exchanged the pennants; and it marked the friendly and permanent relationship between the two parties.

Multicultural integration, different races one family

     Parties attended this activity involved the Malaysian orphanage, the Indian orphanage, local overseas Chinese youth organization and the Chinese company Country Garden, and it reflects the multicultural integration, different races one family. “This is a very remarkable and particular activity, collecting of the multinational forces; bringing love to Malaysian orphans. In addition, I’m particularly grateful to Country Garden for not only bringing a high quality project to Malaysia, but also bringing love and warmth to Malaysia.” said the president of Peyakin orphanage.

You are not alone this Merdeka Raya and national day

     After the beginning ceremony, Mr. Kayson Yuan and Mr Maliki distributed the gifts to the orphans. Then GBBM members and the orphans performed special entertaining programs for everyone, Country Garden Volunteers played games with the orphanage, the atmosphere was warm and pleasant.

The activity lasts for a whole day and ended successfully. Since then, Country Garden Volunteer Association Malaysian Branch was formally founded, and it determined to hold or participate in a series of charity activities, to accelerate the understanding and integration into the culture of Malaysia, so that from a Chinese enterprise become into a true Malaysian developer with social responsibility.