“Large-scale Project” Mode of Country Garden is Upgrading with the Aim of Creating a Tech Town by Investing 100 Billion yuan in 5 Years


Yang Guoqiang, a private property developer, and Kai-Fu Lee, a mentor in science and technology innovation, who seem to have parallel lives, turn out to have their roads crossed.

The transformation of the real estate industry in China is in full swing, but the slowdown in traditional development brings difficulties in access to land, making industrial real estate a new path, and transferring developers’ work from integrating the industry chain of real estate to integrating more extensive social resources.

As a result, a fortune encounter provided by the city and industry integration project of Country Garden brought Yang Guoqiang and Kai-Fu Lee together in the Tech Town. That is, Tech Town. Kai-Fu Lee will join the Tech Town with Innovation Works, together with Cisco, Ping An Bank and other partners, they may bring splendid combination of software and hardware to the Chinese “Silicon Valley”.

Xiang Junbo, assistant executive of Country Garden, revealed that the Group will invest 100 billion yuan in 5 years to build several smart and ecological Tech Towns, with land and projects around first-tier and second-tier cities as their prior choice. At present, three Tech Town projects are under construction in Huizhou, Huidong and Dongguan.