Global 500 Enterprise Country Garden Initiates Three Tech Towns in Huizhou Which Is Distinguished by Aggregated Talents, Convenient Transportation and Favorable Environment


You can see parks everywhere in the town, where cars travel underground and the buildings’ outer walls are overgrown with plants; legions of tech-enterprises are growing in parks surrounded by lush forests and blooming flowers; sci-tech workers engage in innovation and pioneering work here with their families entitled to first-rate education, health care and transportation services…

Such a town will be erected in Huizhou in the near future. The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement on the innovation town project in Tonghu Ecological and Smart Area was held yesterday in our city. Country Garden released its strategy of integrating city and industry the day before yesterday.

According to informed sources, as one of the Forbes Global 500 Listed Companies, Country Garden will build three “Tech Towns” in Huizhou which will inject vigor into accelerating nurturing the ecological system for innovation and entrepreneurship. “Because Huizhou boasts a swathe of talents, convenient transportation and favorable environment.” President of Country Garden Mo Bin revealed the reason why Country Garden takes a massive action to invest in Huizhou.

At present, our national economy has stepped into the New Normal which is marked by the transformation from an economy driven by factors and investment to an innovation-driven one. Huizhou takes innovation-driven development as the core strategy and its focus during the period of “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” while enterprises take scientific and technological innovation as the core strategy.

Now Tonghu Ecological and Smart Area has become the major innovation platform of the province during the period of “Thirteenth Five-year Plan”. Reporters noticed that two out of the three “Tech Towns” are based in Tonghu Ecological and Smart Area. “Tech Town” will boost the further progress of city and industry integration in Huizhou by virtue of the important base for innovation-driven development.