Country Garden Makes Plans for the “Tech Town” with an Investment of 100 Billion yuan in 5 years—First Batch of Projects Will Be Based near Shenzhen According to Country Garden’s “City and Industry Integration Strategy”


On August 9, the release conference of Country Garden’s “City and Industry Integration Strategy” and kick-off meeting of its “Tech Town” were held in Shunde, Guangdong.

The Conference was co-hosted by Country Garden, Shenzhen Baifu Oriental Investment Co., Ltd.[1] , Country Garden Baifu City and Industry Integration Development Co., Ltd.[2] Over 200 guests including Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Hu Yuefei, Vice President of Ping An Bank Co., Ltd., Kai-Fu Lee, founder and CEO of Innovation Works, Zhang Li, Senior Vice President of Cisco Greater China and so on, and high-level representatives of governments, banks, famous enterprises and other walks of life were present to make joint efforts to build smart and ecological towns featured by new scientific and technological innovation as well as more comfortable, innovative and convenient equipment. Yang Guoqiang, Chairman of Board of Directors of Country Garden, and Mo Bin, President and Executive Director of Country Garden were also present to witness the signing ceremony of this important strategic cooperation.

It is revealed that Country Garden will invest 100 billion yuan in 5 years to build several smart and ecological Tech Towns, with land and projects around first-tier and second-tier cities as their prior choice. At the moment, the three “Tech Towns”, Huidong Renshan Science and Technology Eco-town, Huizhou Tonghu Innovation Town and Huizhou Tonghu Science Town[1]  have been in full swing. As the first attempt of implementing the city and industry integration strategy of Country Garden, it will make use of the radiated advantages of innovation industries in Shenzhen to spread the successful experience and mode of town development and operation across the country in the future.