Country Garden Releases City and Industry Integration Strategy and Invests 100 Billion yuan to Make Plans for “Tech Town” to Provide Favorable Development & Incubation Space for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


At present, popular entrepreneurship and innovation has become a trend and the sustained motive power to push forward new economic development in China. In recent days, the State Council has issued New Planning for National Scientific and Technological Innovation during the Period of “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” to set systematic deployments for scientific and technological innovation and development in the country during the period of “Thirteenth Five-year Plan. Notice states that the government shall focus on expanding innovation development space and pay equal attention to the domestic and international situations, build a number of innovation-based provincial, municipal and regional innovation centers that play a leading role, so as to promote innovative development of national independent innovation demonstration areas and high-tech areas and systematically promote all-round innovation reform.

To provide favorable development and incubation space for innovation and entrepreneurship, “give them a leg up and get them going” has been the focus to consolidate the development basis and effectively boost innovative development. The release conference of Country Garden’s “City and Industry Integration Strategy” and its kick-off meeting of “Tech Town” were held in Shunde, Guangdong, on August 9.

According to the newly released planning of the city and industry integration strategy, besides initiates Tech Town and other innovation projects, Country Garden also develops Forest City and other oversea city and industry integration projects and at the same time upgrades traditional real estate projects.