Country Garden Forest City Launches Landmark Design Competition to Collect “Green Skyline” Scheme Worldwide


“We hope to bring some super high-level, innovative and unconventional explorations in ultrahigh buildings through the competition.” Vice President of Country Garden Huang yu zang said when asked by the reporter.

    Country Garden Forest City, a project with an area of nearly 20 km2 located in Iskandar Special Zone, Malaysia, is famous for its green, low-carbon and smart features.

As the number one project of Country Garden, Forest City has been receiving extensive attention. At present, the sales center, transportation center, Fisherman’s Wharf and other projects located in No.1 Island have been completed, and the Forest Hotel will be completed by the end of the year. But the construction of surrounding land is a matter of great urgency. To guide the further construction of Forest City, Country Garden lets global architects to take the lead in collecting landmark architecture design of Forest City, which can undoubtedly be deemed as a big move!

Green Skyline·Country Garden·Forest City Landmark Architecture International Design Competition was formally kicked off on August 13. Nor Aida Ismail, official of Ministry of Tourism of Malaysian Embassy in China, Huang Yuzang, Vice President of Country Garden, Zhu Jianmin, Vice President of Country Garden and Jiang Huancheng, Benjamin Warner, Roberto Bannura and other guests attended the press conference.

Launch Ceremony of Landmark Architecture International Design Competition