As the Elephant Dances, Country Garden Invests 100 Billion yuan in “Tech Town”


In the past two years, Forest City in Malaysia has been the most important project in the strategy of Country Garden, but now Country Garden is trying to copy the scaled-down version of “Forest City” into domestic market. Country Garden made public its new city and industry integration strategy on August 9 that it plans to invest 100 billion yuan in 5 years to build several smart and ecological Tech Towns in the country in accordance with the standard of Forest City.

        ‘Tech Town’ is another dream of Chairman Yang Guoqiang next to Forest City and is an inevitable choice for sustainable development of Country Garden”, President of Country Garden Mo Bin revealed. However, as the new urbanization advances, rational allocation of industrial resources and relocation of regional space will be the important development trend in China’s urban economic circle. Under such circumstance, “Tech Town” has been regarded as an important source of the Group of medium and long-term profits by Country Garden.

          In recent years, many traditional real estate enterprises have set their foot in industrial real estate. How can Tech Town of Country Garden make a breakthrough under such intense competition?