To Build 10 “Silicon Valleys” around Shenzhen Is What Country Garden Wants


With outer walls of the buildings overgrown with plants, you can see parks everywhere in the town, where cars travel underground…The No.1 overseas project of the professional town-maker Country Garden “Forest City”, plus elements of science and technology, industry and innovation, generates the new plan for city and industry integration of Country Garden, that is, “Tech Town”.

This sounds muck like the Chinese Silicon Valley: besides green and livable environment, all supporting facilities necessary for sci-tech innovative talents will also be provided, and the housing price is only one third of that of first-tier cities.

Yang Guoqiang, Founder and Chairman of Board of Directors of Country Garden, pointed out on August 9 that Country Garden will invest 100 billion yuan in first-tier and strong second-tier cities in next 5 years to make overall arrangements for the plan of Tech Town, with the aim of building 10 such towns in Shenzhen.

What Country Garden sees is the opportunity of urbanization development and population and industry spillover in Shenzhen. Over half a year of overall arrangement, three projects of Tech Town now have been formally implemented in Huizhou and Dongguan, adjacent to Shenzhen. “Country Garden is not engaged in real estate in the name of industrial development, nor does Tech Town sell houses to recoup funds first, it initiates the development of industry and city facilities and residential progress simultaneously.” President of Country Garden Mo Bin emphasized.

In the respect of building the Tech Town, Country Garden is mainly responsible for assets, with introduction of industrial resources and talents taken up by professional institutions: Industrial real estate operator Baifu Oriental, Tsinghua University, Innovation Works of Kai-Fu Lee, Cisco, Ping An Bank and so on are strategic partners of Country Garden.